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Read some of the articles that have featured our work and artists!
12/1/12    Ministry & Liturgy Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord: The Tension of Life & Death in Art & Environment
11/1/12    American Cemetery Carrier Mausoleums Construction Perfects Formula for Success
11/1/12    Catholic Cemetery A Few Words From "Long Timer" Gianfranco Tassara
11/1/12    Catholic Cemetery First Impression From a Convention "First Timer"
10/1/12    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Completes Bronze Sculpture for St. Louis IX University High School in Missouri
10/1/12    Catholic Cemetery Major Mausoleum Expansion at Newark Archdiocese's Maryrest Cemetery
10/1/12    Catholic Cemetery The Mausoleum - An Understated Asset
10/1/12    ICCFA Magazine How we should all be talking to families about memorialization
12/1/11    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Announces Major Project for Trustees of St. Patrick in NY
11/1/11    Catholic Cemetery Journey to Calvary and Christian Service
10/1/11    Catholic Cemetery Twelve years after...
09/1/11    American Cemetery Inspired Artisans Creates New Monument for Calvary Cemetery
08/1/11    Catholic Cemetery The "Welcoming Jesus" Installation: St. Martha's Parish Living Vision
07/12/11    St. Petersburg Times Seminole church's new crucifix portrays agony, ecstasy
07/1/11    American Cemetery Inspired Artisans: Experts in Stained Glass
01/1/11    American Cemetery Inspired Artisans Creates Bronze Statue for Catholic Cemetery
10/1/10    American Cemetery Inspired Artisans Recieves Bene Award for Blessing Font Design
07/1/10    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Completes Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine for Chicago Catholic Cemeteries
07/1/10    Milwaukee Home and Fine Living Magazine Fountain of Youth: Artisans Create an Inspiring Gift
06/2/10    Denver Catholic Register Holy Trinity Church unveils new worship space
03/30/10    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Library gets a touch-up
02/11/10    Catholic Herald 'Guy next door' welcomed at Racine Mass
01/14/10    The Daily Reporter Restore the Floor
12/1/09    Catholic Cemetery Cemetery Tour - Tuesday, September 29, 2009: All Saints and Queen of Heaven Cemeteries
08/1/09    Catholic Cemetery There was Glass Everywhere!
07/1/09    Catholic Cemetery Why I Became a Member of the CCC
06/4/09    Catholic Herald Mary McIntosh, president of Notre Dame...
03/1/09    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans, Ltd. Creates Additional Mosaic Art for All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines
02/1/09    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans, Ltd. Installs Artwork at New Marquette Chapel
12/1/08    Catholic Cemetery Chapel Mausoleum Opens at St. Gertrude in Colonia, New Jersey
11/13/08    Catholic Herald MUHS dedicates new chapel
11/2/08    Northwest Indiana Catholic Families gather to honor memories of lives cut short
10/1/08    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Installs Corpus at St. Gertrude's Mausoleum in Newark
09/1/08    American Cemetery Inspired Artisans Designs and Installs Two New Projects
07/6/08    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel From humble beginnings to a grand home
03/21/08    WUWM - Milwaukee Radio Stumbling onto a Milwaukee Treasure
02/1/08    Catholic Cemetery The Baptism of Jesus Feature and the Freedom to Create
12/1/07    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Ltd. Designs "Stillborn" Statue for Wisconsin Cemetery
10/11/07    La Crosse Tribune Blessed Be The Children
09/1/07    Catholic Cemetery Inspired Artisans Ltd. Freshens Up Tower Murals at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, IL
06/28/07    Catholic Herald Church dedicated at St. Thomas Aquinas, Waterford
05/17/07    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Eminent design: Green Lake home, lobby in former brewery recognized
10/21/06    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Binding faith, family
10/12/06    Catholic Herald On our cover: Sculptor Jeremy Wolf...
09/15/06    Small Business Times Lift high the cross: Artist makes sculptures for churches
09/1/06    Catholic Cemetery The Making of a Holy Water Font
07/1/06    Catholic Cemetery Cemetery Art as Partnership: Intent, Interpretation and Setting
06/22/06    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Looking past the brushstrokes and canvas
04/30/06    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Their home is a house of God
02/8/06    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel In business, immigrants are taking chances
10/21/05    El Conquistador One Of Milwaukee's Best Kept Secrets: Gianfranco Tassara
07/22/05    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel State's Hispanic chamber opens its new headquarters
02/2/05    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Gianfranco Tassara Takes Five: His creations express faith in tangible forms
12/23/04    Catholic Herald Faithful Servant
11/18/04    Catholic Herald Shrine to be 'beacon of hope' for the unborn
11/18/04    Hampshire Register New statue, time capsule dedicated at St. Charles Borromeo Church
10/8/04    El Conquistador Tassara Y Sus Apreciaciones Artísticas
09/1/04    Catholic Cemetery From Dedication
08/8/04    Northwest Indiana Catholic Bishop Dale J. Melczek blesses...
07/1/04    Environment & Art Letter The Altars We Build: An Architect's Perspective
07/1/04    Village Voice A moment for...
06/1/04    Catholic Cemetery Creating a Very Special Place
02/12/04    Catholic Herald Musings on people of faith, church art, press apostolate
03/30/03    Catholic New World Open house today, then a cloister
01/2/03    Catholic Herald Saint Juan Diego
12/12/02    Catholic Herald Life-size statue of Juan Diego designated as parish shrine
12/9/02    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Celebrating a new life in faith
10/31/02    The Times Artist Gianfranco Tassara renovates churches
10/1/02    Catholic Cemetery Chapel of Hope Dedicated at St. Adalbert Cemetery
08/1/02    Catholic Herald Saint Juan Diego
06/13/02    Catholic Herald Artist's world is one of beauty, whimsy
05/23/02    Catholic Herald New statue at Cross Plains parish: Bringing to life faces carved from wood
03/26/02    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel A fresh coat of paint, and the martyrs are transformed
03/7/02    Catholic Herald Multicultural Artwork
02/1/02    Milwaukee Northshore Lifestyle Terra Cotta & Resin: The heavenly works of Inspired Artisans
01/14/02    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Church's shiny new building is inspired
12/27/01    Shepherd Express National Avenue Know-How
09/1/01    Catholic Cemetery Mausoleum Project Is Testimony to Don Massaro
08/1/01    Catholic Cemetery Guardian Angels are Among Us
05/23/01    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Cartoonist honors author with surprise visit to party
01/19/01    The Compass Holy Family
09/21/00    Catholic Herald A completed statue...
09/1/00    Catholic Cemetery Idea for Holy Water Font Born of Tragedy
08/30/00    Chicago Tribune New Catholic school opens; reminder of an era past
03/16/00    The Wall Street Journal In the Land of Bratwurst, a New Hispanic Boom
12/23/99    Catholic Herald Workers from Inspired Artisans...
11/9/99    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Artisan carves a niche in religious diversity
09/1/99    Catholic Cemetery Homage to NCCC
05/12/99    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Bank knew when to leave its good looks alone
04/15/99    Catholic Herald Inspired Artisans Ltd. has international reputation
03/24/99    Denver Catholic Register Ascension Mausoleum dedicated at Mount Olivet Cemetery
01/21/99    The Herald God's House
01/1/99    Catholic Cemetery The Cross of the Trinity
12/19/98    Columbus Journal Farmers and Merchants Bank newly refurbished facade finally finished
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